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Your Time is Precious

You need a partner that understands, prepares for, and maximizes the opportunities and challenges associated with recruiting and hiring the best talent in technology. That’s Velossent. We understand the need to maximize the augmentation of your staff without having to vastly increase your budget—because we have been there ourselves. With this experience, we bring every client a balanced and objective 360-degree point of view. We combine the perspective of an employer with an understanding of what motivates and attracts great talent, in tandem with analysis of current market demands. We are confident we will help you succeed.

Our Approach

We execute a systematic process designed to effectively recruit and qualify high-quality talent while reducing the time, cost and hassle associated with hiring them. Our unique integration of data intelligence, technology, and experience leads to higher quality, more efficient and reliable results for our clients.

Flexible Recruiting

We offer five recruiting solutions that can be tailored for your organization:


Ideal for projects of any scope while maximizing your budget and overhead.


Determine if the person is a cultural fit and has the required capabilities before transitioning to a permanent employee.

Permanent Placement

Find the right individuals for full-time positions who will quickly contribute to your success. Each person is fully screened to ensure a match with your culture, as well as the skills and experience you covet.


A formal document to support project(s) with specifically-defined work activities, deliverables, timeline of execution, and pricing.

Retained Search

Specialized and specific searches for Senior and Executive level talent in high salary positions.

Efficient Staffing Solutions

Our simple, yet stringent qualifying and hiring process results in finding the best talent for your company, exactly when you need them. At Velossent, we have a keen understanding of all the factors involved in making the right hire – your technologies, company culture, the skill sets you require, and the chemistry of your internal teams.
When a placement is completed, our job is just beginning. We maintain ongoing contact because we truly want to ensure your continued success. We perform regular assessments of our services for resource quality, service delivery, and experience. Our goal is to ensure your success through the following touchpoints:
  • Customer visits
  • Project site visits
  • Customer surveys
  • Performance reviews
  • Consultant assessments
  • Project and time management support
  • Regular communications
  • Collaboration tools

Ongoing discussions include:

  • Consultant quality
  • On-time, on-budget delivery
  • Processes to address issues and solve problems

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Interested in learning more about how Velossent can help your business?

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